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About a Buddhist painting

In the wide meaning, I point to the overall Buddhist picture and say the thing which made a picture, a mandala, a picture of the welcoming into the Pure Land, recumbent Buddha, a figure of hell, teaching of Buddha including the portrait of the Buddhist priest that I pictured a biography picture of Buddha, a story before Buddha is born in a picture.
Generally, I point to the thing which I pictured Buddha or the Bodhisattva as a principal idol image used for worship and a ceremony in chaitya in, but include the fused gods in gods and Tibet in the India ancient times that are the Buddhism birthplace, China, the Korean Peninsula, it and the Japanese Buddhism including the gods in Japan ancient times.

About a tradition-like Japanese Buddhist painting

The Buddhist painting is totally different from Western how to describe. Even if there is not the concept called "the line", and a shadow of the light and the border of the highlight are open, I arrest form and feel of a material itself in "a line" and express it.
There was the concept that the "sense of beauty" is totally different from the Western picture called "the Japanese painting" in, but the contents pictured only with the almost traditional art supplies of "the Japanese painting" which the modern Japan painter pictures agree with Japan with a Western picture.
"The Japanese painting" must originally regard "a line" as important.
I draw "the line" with a sumi with a traditional writing brush as Japanese old how to describe.
"The writing brush" uses several kinds from a writing brush to be able to draw the line which is narrower than hair on to a wide brush of the width.The Japanese Buddhism is born in India and, via China and the Korean Peninsula, enters Japan while being influenced by the thought and picture style.
Therefore it fuses, and Japanese native many gods are said again that Buddhism was finished in Japan.
As a matter of course, "the Buddhist painting follows the same process, too".In Japan, there is "a picture scroll" pictured in technique peculiar to Japan called "a Yamato-e painting" praised to the skies as among nobles at about the latter half of 900 in the Christian era, but the Japanese Buddhist painting fuses with "China Buddhist painting" imported with Buddhism by technique and China of the "Yamato-e painting" and develops, and it is with "a Buddhist painting" peculiar to Japan and develops in a picture style.
"The ukiyoe print" said to that a Western painter was affected is one.
This establishes the concept called "the Japanese painting" as a picture peculiar to Japan to distinguish later Meiji era (about 1,870) from an imported "oil painting".
Therefore, "the Buddhist painting" is the origin of "the Japanese painting", and it may be said with the origin of the Japanese "comics" and "animated cartoon" attracting interest of the world now again.
The Buddhist painting is placed with a law tool to civilize teaching of Buddha through sight.
The most of the Japanese national treasure are occupied in Buddhist art, and there are a lot of "Buddhist paintings" in that now.However, because I store preservation for priority for the specifications that "mounting" equivalent to a sum of oil painting decorating a Buddhist painting is sensitive, there cannot be the thing that the "excellent Buddhist painting" meets eyes to a rarely general person.

About a Buddhist painting studio RAKUSHISHA

I picture the most of the Buddhist painting to produce of the Buddhist painting studio "RAKUSHISHA" that the outlook on Buddhist painter Shokan Fujino presides over by the order of the temple of the all over Japan.
In his studio, people training themselves in the situation called the pupil are engaged in production depending on ability.
The Buddhist painting studio comfort poetry building aims at the production of a high Buddhist painting of the completeness that can become treasure of a temple and the national treasure later in a modern temple.The Buddhist painting to produce of the Buddhist painting studio comfort poetry building is placed with "a picture including the Buddhist altar fittings-like implication to express the teaching that Buddha preached" in the same way as tanka of the Tibetan Buddhism not an art work expressing feelings and the thought of a person drawing it.
I make the purpose the same as Christian icons really, but it is deep, and the heart of the mercy to have of the Buddhist painting penetrates in the heart of a person appreciating it depending on the completeness, and it can be with the best work of art which can promote benevolence in a place beyond the religion.I keep it in mind to produce the Buddhist painting which can get a high evaluation as a work of art at the Buddhist painting studio comfort poetry building.

Basic how to describe Buddhist paintings

At first I draw a sketch in a line and copy it to exclusive silk to draw a Buddhist painting and form on the wooden frame.
I paint with the paint that the line of the sketch which I copied is used for the cause for a long time in Japan many times, and it is more beautiful and pictures the same line once again from the top, and a stack can complete a stack, the line which I lost my eyesight of with paint last it is more beautiful, and to be seen.

The advice of the Buddhist painting viewing

A heart of gentle mercy is reflected in the heart of a person watching it by eyes of the mercy of "Buddha" and "the Bodhisattva" drawn as a Buddhist painting.
It is every religion, human common sense of beauty in the place across the denomination.
To a Buddhist painting, an idea of the beauty that a Japanese valued from ancient times is expressed.Through a Buddhist painting, please feel a peculiar sense of beauty that a Japanese valued.
The peculiar sense of beauty creates peculiar culture.The culture standard is decided what you feel if beautiful.
Please feel "a look of the mercy" through the excellent religious painting including a Buddhist painting and the icon if beautiful.
If the people who can feel a look of the mercy if beautiful increase alone, the society comprised of people establishes the high human being society which had kind consideration for all naturally without needing a large quantity of law or rule.

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