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Shokan Fujino is a Japanese composer. he was born 1950 in Shiga.
In 1968, It studied under the designer of the traditional kimono of Kyoto.

In 1984, He met with the traditional Buddhist painting and I thought that he also wanted to draw.
However, those who can draw a traditional Buddhist painting were not in the surroundings.
And he studied by self-education for three years.

In 1988,The name of his studio is made into "RAKUSHISHA" and work is completely started as a pro group with five pupils.

The Buddhist painting of about 3800 works was drawn during 2011 after 1988 for the Buddhist temple in Japan.

[The main temples describing a Buddhist painting ]

Sensoji -temple, Denzuin-temple, Komazawagakuen-school, Yakuouin-temple, Syukutokugakuen school. in Tokyo
Komyoji-temple. in Kamakura, Kiyomizudera-temple , Yoshiminedera-temple, Eikando-Zenrinji-temple, Rokuharamistuji-temple, Komyoji-temple, Syoboji -temple. in Kyoto.
Hieizan-Enryakuji-temple. in Shiga. Many Buddhist paintings were drawn on famous temples, such as this.

and moreover, the 1-hour interview program of work of the NHK television 2010 -- it was broadcast in the national network "The time of the heart. A Buddhist painting is drawn.The heart is drawn"

There is a program "Time of the heart" of the NHK television which appeared in December, 2010.
Although it was a special edition program of 1 hour, the life of my former was introduced and got.
However, it is a program in Japanese.

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